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"If you have an opportunity to see this show, or anything else they do, grab it!"

The Truth About Love... 

and the usual lies

The Truth About Love…and the Usual Lies, is a musical journey through the ups and downs of love that features -- among many -- songs from Avenue Q, Kurt Weill's Street Scene, songs by William Bolcom, and classics from the American popular repertoire. “We wanted to tell a story using songs from all genres, bring a little bit of the formal recital repertoire onto a casual stage, then couple it with a belter tune from a contemporary musical.” The result is a musical journey about a young woman’s discovery of love in all its quirky variations, both through falling into it, and falling out of it. “We each have an ideal of what love will and should be. Along the way we learn the truths, the lies, the pain, the humor, and the profundity of the experience. That’s what we try to take the audience through, the re-experiencing of all of that.”

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